Hi, I'm Elizabeth

Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher

and Certified Yoga Therapist

dedicated to helping you

recharge and restore

your health and vitality.





I believe that you are never too old or too stiff, too out of shape or too tired to learn new strategies for self-healing and connect to your wellbeing.  We all have the power to create lasting positive changes in our lives and for thirty years, I have guided people of all ages, abilities, and physical conditions in a yoga practice that nourishes the whole self - body, mind, and spirit.


My work and my website is commited to sharing ideas, tools, and resources that will deepen your existing yoga practice or inspire a new one. Whether you're looking to heal from illness or injury, boost your immune system, or have more energy for your work and loved ones, Iyengar yoga can help you rebuild your health and wellbeing inside and out.


Together, we'll develop a practice that integrates your goals and find a path for you to get you there.​ 


Yoga is the golden key in life that brings tranquility, peace and joy.    

-B.K.S. Iyengar



Private classes  and are tailored to your individual needs & health concerns whether they are acute or long-term problems. The yoga therapy process begins with a Discovery Call, where we discuss your interests and goals with private classes in Berlin or online.


Weekly classes take place at Iyengar Yoga Zentrum Berlin and online via Zoom. Learn at your own pace, connect to your yoga community, and develop a practice that balances and supports your life.


Whether you're looking for help nourishing your body, quieting your mind, or lifting your spirit, you can practice yoga anytime and anywhere with home practice video classes + workshops.


I was born and raised in Philadelphia, in the United States, and have been living in Berlin, Germany for the last twenty years. I started practicing Iyengar style hatha yoga in New York thirty-five years ago as a nineteen years old college student. I knew right away that I had found "something" that gave me a sense of deep inner calm and relaxation and that my body felt more balanced than ever before.


Studying movement was familiar to me because I had been taking ballet and modern dance since age twelve. I fell in love with dance after the sudden death of my older brother and the divorce of my parents. I didn't know it at the time but training gave me an outlet for navigating the pain, sadness, and confusion that I felt as a teenager. In studying movement, I found the joy of connecting to my body and the strength to energize myself.


After college, I pursued a career as a professional dancer, artist, and arts administrator (I did this for fifteen years) and continued to practice Iyengar yoga. Then one day the director of a dance studio where I was teaching asked me if  I could substitute for the yoga teacher who was going on maternity leave. I asked my teacher, Joan White, if I could teach and she said, "yes." So in 1991, I began teaching yoga and joined the teacher training program.


Iyengar yoga is unique in the field of yoga for many reasons. We, teachers undergo rigorous training - a three-year teacher training with prior years required and teaching exams that we must pass before becoming certified.  I have had six exams and am a Senior Intermediate II level teacher which means that I am qualified to work with people of all health conditions and train teachers.  I'm a Certified Yoga Therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and an Assessor for yoga teacher exams in Germany and abroad and co-direct the Iyengar Yoga Zentrum Berlin. 


B.K.S. Iyengar is known for revolutionizing yoga practice with the introduction of props, which can now be found in studios the world over; blankets, belts, chairs, and blocks allow people of all skill levels to practice safely, increase health benefits, and create relaxation and stress reduction with yoga.


He also championed the therapeutic applications of yoga, which has gained recognition as treatment for chronic pain and various medical conditions, be they muscular-skeletal, physiological, or emotional. 


I have been fortunate to study numerous times in Pune, India at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, studying with Iyengar family and assisting in the medical classes. I also continue my studies with Advanced teachers in Europe and the USA, constantly enriching my practice and teaching. Yoga integrates the body, mind, and heart when we devote ourselves consistently over time to our own personal growth. The practice strengthens and interweaves the different parts of ourselves and brings the health, harmony, and happiness we crave in life.

The rewards of this journey are here for all of us.





Whether you are a beginner or long-term practitioner, I will give you concrete tools to overcome your challenges and improve your wellbeing through yoga therapy. Private classes are typically 60-90 minutes and are take place at Iyengar Yoga Zentrum Berlin or via Zoom. Book a free Discovery Call to see if it's right for you. 


Private Classes support people suffering from skeletal-muscular problems like back or knee pain, circulatory disorders like hypertension, or nervous problems like headaches, insomnia.


    Modifying postures to accomodate your individiual ability, needs, and goals.


    Refining the alignment of poses to deepen the practice and understanding of health problems.


    Creating a sequences of poses unique to you for  home practice and self-healing.


I teach weekly group classes and weekend workshops at Iyengar Yoga Zentrum Berlin, Germany. Most of my classes are taught simultaneously in-person and online.


Classes are for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students and I offer a class for senior citizens and mentor teachers


Classes and workshops are perfect for anyone looking for increased strength, flexibility, balance, concentration, and stress reduction.


    Exploration happens in relationship to peers and group classes will support and inspire your development.


    Commitment to a class or workshop brings us out of our everyday life and makes space for focusing on personal growth.


    Support comes in  building relationships and working together will help improve your health and life.


From my thirty years of teaching yoga and yoga therapy, I've created Yoga Practice for Everyday videos. These classes are designed to give you, anytime and anywhere, easy to follow and clear sequences on a range of topics, like Yoga for Morning Energy and Yoga for the Lower Back. These practices are support for you to nourish your body, quiet your mind, and lighten your spirit at home or while traveling. Start now and I'll help you reconnect to your vital self. You will feel supported and guided every step of the way. Watch the trailer below and visit my Vimeo channel to see more!

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Yoga Practice for Everyday

Do you want to practice yoga more but struggle to find the time? Are you unsure what poses to practice or in what order? Would you like an experienced teacher to instruct you when you practice at home? 


Here are easy to follow yoga sequences to guide and inspire your yoga practice anytime and anywhere.  


Find a video from this series that works for you and devote less than 30 minutes a day - you will feel the difference in your body and mind!

Free! Yoga for Evening Relaxation

Do you feel exhausted or stressed after work?

This restorative yoga sequence will help

calm your nerves, renew your energy, and balance your body and mind after a long day.


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"After an accident, Elizabeth's videos & classes inspired me to come back on the yoga track again & integrate yoga into my daily life. I've been able to make progress & heal."


Berlin, Germany

"Elizabeth's videos helped me establish my own home practice and after 3 weeks, I have noticed a significant difference regarding my energy levels throughout the day."


Potsdam, Germany

"Elizabeth is patient, kind & focused on details. I appreciate how she takes everyone's individual needs into account & she's helped me overcome various limitations."


Montreal, Canada

I'd love to hear from you!

Get in touch with your questions, concerns, or to book a Discovery Call. Let's stay in touch and get you on the path to health and healing.

      Transformation is sustained change and is achieved through practice - B.K.S. Iyengar

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